billing solution


It is an integral billing solution optimized to diverse communication service.

01. Integrated billing system


The integrated billing system is a system for handling the fare task of calculating, claiming and receiving the fare to the users of communication service. This can be composed of re-billing package or contracted package, and combined with pre-billing system according to the operation method.

Volume-rate billing
  • System converting and distributing the fare data by categorizing by service number/customer by utilizing the data provided by the telecommunication company

  • This is used mainly at banks or big companies

  • It is used conveniently when the fare is calculated and billed by branch or organization.

  • It provides automatic conversion of different number system by telecommunication company and discount/extra charge function

Flat rate billing
  • customer management / product management / opening management / contract management / calculation management / claim management (linked to external accounting systems)

  • To provide the function of managing of basic rate, changing cost, rental cost and charge and of claiming the fare

  • To create a GIRO and CMS withdrawal data for linkage to Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute and to create a GIRO DM file for sending by mail

Main Functions

Main Functions


상품 신청 관리 기능 제공

Supply of product request and management function

  • To accept and manage customer’s product request

  • To create and manage diverse services and products

  • To manage the policy of fare and discount by product

  • To provide functions of new/close/transfer of name/clear

  • To provide the alarm function of appointing user for whom expired the contract or will expire the contract

다양한 자료 제공

Supply of diverse data

  • To create a bill and send a mail

  • To send ERP data of sales

  • To provide GIRO and CMS data for linkage to Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute

  • To create DM data for printing a GIRO bill

  • To support EXCEL download for utilizing the data

다양한 구축 사례

Examples of diverse setup

  • 1600 branches of KT INNERTEL

  • To be stably operated

  • To provide the billing system to diverse customers such as group of companies / bank / airport for reduction of communication fare and management of history

매입 자료 확장성 강화

Reinforcement of expandability of purchase data

  • To provide after analyzing and handling regardless of file format that a telecommunication company provides

  • To provide after automatically handling the data that the order is changed every month

  • Possible to handle only with registration of analyzed information of new file

  • Proper to business of re-billing

다양한 정산 정책 수용가능

Possible to accept diverse calculating policies

  • Discount policy according to customer categorization such as the men of merit and the disabled

  • Management of basic fare and charge by product

  • Calculation by day and management of fixed costs

  • To provide multi-line/long-term use/discount on distance

인정보 관련 보안 강화

Reinforcement of security related to personal information

  • To provide all functions of call, history and security

  • To provide monitoring history function of personal information management

  • To encode DB of telephone, FAX, E-mail and address

Linux 기반 솔루션

Linux based solution

  • To support Mariadb / Oracle / Tibero / Mysql based on Linux

  • Cost reduction of OS and DBMS

02. Pre-Billing System


It is a system for analyzing and improving the task efficiency by totaling inquiry of call history, number of call and incompletion and charge with linkage of switchboard in using a telephone. It is possible to link to local/foreign diverse switchboards, to automatically analyze the original data by switchboard on the integrated screen, to expand the change of components and to make the analysis of system status easy through support of dashboard.

Block Diagram



Linkage to diverse switchboards

  • Possible to link to local/foreign diverse switchboards such as Samsung/Cisco

  • Possible to link to combination of different type of switchboards

  • Possible to automatically analyze and easily expand the original data by switchboard on the integrated screen

Reinforcement of data backup

  • To save and manage by compressing the original data collected at the switchboard in order to restore when the database has an error

  • Possible to set up backup of main tables automatically by table

Reinforcement of multi security

  • To follow the security guide of Ministry of Public Administration and Security

  • To be based on the frame of electronic government

  • Policy to prevent user’s dual login and to allow selection of group

  • To save one way encoding of user’s password

  • To inspect the access IP

  • To set up the security policy (password limit terms, access limit in no use)

Diverse Statistics Support

  • Statistics on fare and numbers by number type daily and monthly

  • Statistics on fare and numbers by number daily and monthly

  • Statistics on numbers of external/internal/incomplete incoming and outgoing signals

  • Comparison of call fare versus purchase

  • To provide the monthly call fare (possible to use as purchase data)

  • To provide monthly additional valued fare (the definition of additional valued service is required.)

Reinforcement of administrator’s convenience

  • To organize an intuitive screen and provide diverse searching terms

  • To provide EXCEL download function of inquired data

  • To support diverse browsers (chrome, IE, Edge, etc.)

  • To provide convenience by automatically connecting lines linked to HR information and according to the information management of organization

Quick analysis of error

  • To provide the easy monitoring at the integrated dashboard

  • To provide the status of analysis of system linkage and of total call data

  • To provide monitoring of status of system resources

  • To provide monitoring of system alarm

  • To provide the detection alarm when a switchboard has an error to collect


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