We introduce HANSSAK leading the IT industry with the cutting edge technology and knowhow.

Outline of company

Security and IT solution company, HANSSAK

HANSSAK will create the safe and convenient living culture by providing the security and
IT solution based on the technology accumulated for 28 years.

  • Company Name

    HANSSAK Co., Ltd.

  • Founded date

    25 July 1992

  • CEO

    Lee, Joo Do

  • Location

    #401~403, 27 Digital-ro 34 gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Tel


Greeting from CEO

CEO 이주호 사진

Welcome to the security and IT solution company, HANSSAK

HANSSAK is a promising company that will create the blue ocean opening the future of IT with the slogan of ‘Just Dream, We Can Do It!.’

We do our best to realize the customer impression by building up the latest technique infrastructure through the deep study about IT and developing and providing solutions in diverse fields such as network link solution, password management solution, security electronic fax solution, billing solution and so on.

We will do our utmost to accumulate the latest technology and knowhow and to develop the new IT solution continuously with more creative thinking and challenge. We will become the best company creating the new value for customer impression and leading the IT industry by practicing the righteousness management and win-win management following the business ethics.

We look forward to your support with more interest and love.
Thank you.


Management Philosophy

경영이념, 비전
  • Mission

    To create the safe and convenient living culture by activating the IT
  • Vision

    The highest HANSSAK leading the IT industry
  • Management Ideology

    Customer impression: to create and provide the new value for customer impression
    Employee Happiness: to balance the work and life and to secure the best welfare for employees’ happiness
  • Management Method

    Righteousness Management: Management following fair the business ethics
    Win-win Management: Management pursuing the win-win with employees, shareholders and partners
  • Core Competences

    Outstandingly talented person: remarkably competent employees who are trained with self-improvement and education
    Cutting edge technology: the latest technology accumulated through endless research
    The Best solution: the best solution developed by the cutting edge technology
    Activated organizational culture: activated organizational culture formed by mutual communication
  • Slogan

    Just Dream, We Can Do It !
  • Attitude of Behavior

    Think with creativity
    Push ahead with challenge
    Act with passion
    Create with cooperation