Network Link Solution


This is a solution providing the data transmission service among networks with the highest level of security in the separated network environment.



Network Link Solution (SecureGate) is a solution providing the real-time data link between servers in the separated network environment and the file transmission function among users’ PCs. It offers the high security, task continuity and convenience.

Security No. 1, Performance No. 1, Preference No. 1

No. 1

EAL4 of CC certification, National Intelligence Service-authorized Code Module, Vaccine of CC certification, Encoding of 256BIT, SHA 512BIT, Encoding of all sections

No. 1

The Best Performance in the industry (authorized performance: BAND-WIDTH 18.6GBPS / TPS 805,000 / CPS 405,000 / CC 33,000,000 )

No. 1

Setup results in 2020: 207 sites, accumulated result: more than 600 sites (500 thousand users use. Stream link service to the whole nation)

  • The top security level of CC certification, EAL4 (the top guarantee level of security function and weakness)

  • The 1st CC certification of infiniband network link in the industry – achieved the patent, GS 1ST Grade

  • The sole support of multimedia in the industry (storage, infiniband, socket, one way)

  • To provide the best performance in the industry and diverse Network Interfaces

  • To hold 10 year knowhow of network link technology which is the longest in the industry and the maximum references in Korea

  • ‘Network Link Solution, SecureGate V3.5’ is awarded Excellence Award on Korea S/W Quality Grand Prize.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Main Functions

1. Data Link (File Transfer)

The Data Link uses the encoding channel through all sections for the safe data transmission in the network and supports the functions of prevention of inflow of malignant code through vaccine inspection in carrying in to the local network and prevention of leak of internal data in carrying it out through the external network.

자료 연계

2. Streaming Service

Streaming Service provides the transmission function between separated internal network and external network zones through encryption and decryption process of our own protocol based on Non TCP/IP. It links the data requiring link in real time under the security policy registered in the internal network relay server, and guarantees the best transmission speed with the high-speed data processing technology.

Streaming Service

3. Mail SEND/RECEIVE Link Support (Approval in sending a mail and conversion of mail content to an image)

SecureGate provides the function that an administrator approves to send (or return) a mail sent from the separated task network. And also it provides a mail receiving alarm function so that a user could check the received mail at once after, in receiving a mail from the outside, removing an attached file that the security is vulnerable and converting the mail contents to an image and then transmitting it to the internal mail.

메일 송·수신 연계 지원

4. Support of Indirect Linkage Method

In defense agencies and public institutions which require powerful security, it provides the indirect linkage method that converts the real-time service link (streaming service) to Server to Server file link.

4.	Support of Indirect Linkage Method


The best performance in the network link industry, Convenience, 10 year Know-How

Top Speed

  • To support the top speed comparing to other products in the same industry (based on official test report)

  • To apply a large-scale service to the public in real time (112 system of the National Police Agency, inquiry of medical information of Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)

Convenience for Operator

  • Easy Accessibility by operator’s setup of web UI

  • Convenient setup and observation by managing the internal and external systems simultaneously

  • Automatic restoration when a system error occurs

Many References

  • To set up the largest network separation business in the country (setup and operation of network link of N Bank in 2014)

  • To set up in the major local security agencies (including troops)

  • To have stability of solution from development of network link system from 2008

Verified Security

  • Encryption of all sectors even including Queue information

  • Verification of mutual consistency of all data

  • 3rd stage of security reinforcement on security guidance of National Intelligence Service

  • Super stability comparing to others by mounting the National Intelligence Service-authorized Code Module (MagicCrypto V2.1.0)

Stability · Expandability

  • To handle by case after decoding maleficence of transmitted file through vaccine linkage

  • To support important streaming service link even in impediment of DBMS

  • To support setup with customer preferred hardware product

Support of professional skills

  • To hold know-how of setup and development of network link (optimization of diverse customers’ needs for more than 10 years)

  • Speedy reply to customer’s request (to have the largest professional engineers comparing to others)

  • To support continuous solution upgrade through linkage experience with relative systems

Support of composition of multimedia for network link

망연계 다중매체 구성지원

Application Area



References more than 350 customers in the field of local government, public institution, company, financial institution, defense and civilian industry

Patents · Certificates

Patent on Network Link

Product Patent No. Application No. Certificate Authority Patent Content
SecureGate 10-1495522 10-2014-0100806 The Korean Intellectual Property Office Communication system and its communication method for high-speed data linkage in the multi-network separation environment

Network Link Certification

Product Name Certification Certificate No. Grade Certificate Authority
Secure Gate V3.5 CC NISS-0883-2018 EAL4 Executive office of IT Security Certification of National Security Technology Research Institute
GS 18-0251 1st grade Telecommunications Technology Association
IPv6 Verified TTA-V-18-076 IPv6 Host Core Telecommunications Technology Association
Secure Gate V3.2 CC NISS-0813-2017 EAL2 Executive office of IT Security Certification of National Security Technology Research Institute
GS 18-0250 1st grade Telecommunications Technology Association
Secure Gate V3.1 CC NISS-0647-2015 EAL2 Executive office of IT Security Certification of National Security Technology Research Institute
GS 16-0127 1st grade Telecommunications Technology Association
HRX-AOSP V2.1 CC NISS-0353-2011 EAL2 Executive office of IT Security Certification of National Security Technology Research Institute
GS 11-0150 Telecommunications Technology Association

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