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We introduce all solutions of HANSSAK which is a security IT company.


Choose the differentiated solution of HANSSAK

  • Network Link Solution (SecureGate)

    This is a solution providing the real-time data link between servers in the separated network environment and the file transmission function among users’ PCs. It provides the high security, task continuity and convenience.

  • Password Management Solution (PassGuard)

    This is an integrated solution providing the powerful security environment to the top account and common account and providing the reinforced information security and task efficiency such as regular automatic change, batch change, inspection, monitoring of password.

  • Security Electronic FAX Solution (OfficeGate)

    This maximizes the task efficiency such as reinforcement of data security and cost reduction of companies and customers as well as providing a convenient function of the existing general electronic FAX.

  • Billing Solution (Unibill)

    This provides the real-time call traffic monitoring function such as charge data monitoring, observation of switchboard linkage status and observation of system resources (CPU, HDD) in addition to the basic billing function which collects the call data of switchboard in real time, calculates and totals the charges.