security electronic FAX solution


It is a security electronic FAX solution which is possible to send/receive safely and conveniently without a piece of paper.



Eco-friendly security electronic FAX (based on Linux) which is possible to send/receive a fax without a piece of paper

· A security electronic FAX, OfficeGate is an electronic FAX solution proper to the protective environment of personal information of the public/finance/general companies.

· It supports the approval function, linkage to security solution and encoding of personal information and sending/receiving files in sending FAX.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Main functions

5 main functions of SEND function, additional function for SEND, RECEIVE function, additional function for RECEIVE and administrating console function  provide user’s program and administrator’s program (integrated administration console).

송신 사용자 프로그램

User’s program for SEND

SEND functions

To send a simple FAX

To send quickly with a single FAX number during working

Administration of SEND BOX

To inquire the status of sent document and to sort, store and administrate by storage rule

Transmission in quantity simultaneously

To send simultaneously to a lot of receivers

Additional functions for SEND

SEND alarm

SEND alarm by messenger, SMS, mail and so on in sending FAX

SEND reservation

To send at the time when a user want

Document editor

To edit a document with preview, stamp, approval sign, layout and input of title

Personal, Common SEND BOX

To administrate SEND BOX by user / department / common

수신 사용자

User’s program for RECEIVE

RECEIVE functions

Administration of RECEIVE BOX

To inquire the status of received document and to sort, store and administrate by storage rule


To check the received FAX by web

Administration of spam FAX

To administrate registration and deletion of spam FAX

Additional functions for RECEIVE


RECEIVE alarm by E-mail, SMS and so on in receiving FAX

Automatic reply

To reply automatically in receiving FAX from the FAX number registered as automatic reply

RECEIVE refusal

To refuse to receive from the FAX number that the administrator registered

관리자 프로그램

Administrator’s program

Administration console function (administrator’s program)

Environment setup

To set up the environment such as setup of organization chart/user/mailbox, resending, backup and order of priority

System management

To manage the system status by each area and the channel status/backup in each system

Statistics management

To manage the traffic by time/day/month and by department/user

Mailbox management

To manage the status/inquiry of user / department / common FAX mailbox


Maximization of task efficiency such as reinforcement of data security and cost reduction by supplementing the weakness of the existing FAX machines

Prevention of loss and encoding of FAX document

  • To prevent loss of important FAX document by keeping it as an electronic document not a paper

    The contents cannot be found even if they are leaked by encoding the user information, sending/receiving file and communication among servers

Convenient FAX alarm using ALIMEE

  • To inform the dispatch of FAX to the counterpart and to check the arrival of FAX by using ALIMEE (mail, SMS, etc.) in sending and receiving FAX

    To check the sending and receiving FAX in real time by using web ALIMEE

Stamping on electronic document (image editor)

  • Electronic document of making a sender and seal to stamp images realizes the same environment as stamping a seal on the existing paper document.

Encoding of data of electronic FAX

  • The contents cannot be found even if they are leaked by encoding the user information, sending

  • receiving file and communication among servers

Filtering of spam FAX and Refusal of sending and receiving

  • To separate spam FAX with spam FAX filtering function

    Blockout function in sending and receiving FAX with the refusal function of sending and receiving

Linux-based Electronic Fax Solution

  • Reduction of Microsoft license cost (OS, DBMS, etc.)

    Reinforcement of Security update

    Possible to provide a Stand Alone Server for Windows and Linux

Reinforcement of Convenience

  • Web UI that user convenience is reinforced.

  • Monitoring, statistics function, control of authorization through administrator’s page

  • Automatic management of user through HR DB linkage

  • To provide the system linked API related to task

  • Direct change to PDF and image

Reinforcement of detection security of personal information

  • Leakage control of personal information (approval and detection solution of personal information is installed.)

  • To save after encoding the sending/receiving document (AES 256bit)

  • Encoding communication between processes

  • To control through authorization management of receiving FAX by user and FAX number

  • No use of Active X

Necessity of security electronic FAX

Convenience of FAX SEND/RECEIVE

  • - To check sending and receiving FAX with a personal PC

Operation cost reduction of FAX machine

(paper, management of FAX machine and manpower)

  • - Reduction of printed papers, operation cost of FAX machine and unnecessary manpower

Monitoring of leakage of personal information and company’s important data

  • - Approval function in sending FAX
  • - Leakage control of document through detection of personal information


References of supply and setup of OfficeGate, security electronic FAX

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Patents · Certificates

Patents and Certificates

Product Name Certification Certificate No. Certificate Authority
OfficeGate IEV-FAX v2.0 GS certification 10-0049 Telecommunications Technology Association
officeGate Lite Broadcasting communication equipment certification HIK-OFFICEGATELITE(A) Radio Research
Contents Certificate No. Institution
Selection Letter of Software for Administration Task 2010-10-028 Telecommunications Technology Association
Direct Production Certificate No. 2010-29525 Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
Program Registration Certificate No. 157270 Korea Copyright Commission

Product Group

Category OfficeGate Standard OfficeGate Premium OfficeGate Enterprise
Objects Government office,
local government,
Government office,
local government,
big company
Finance institution,
big company,
telecommunication company
Number of channel 8ch, 16ch 30ch, 60ch, 120ch More than 120channles
Method Analog Digital Digital
Composition Sever Type (Rack) Sever Type (Rack) Sever Type (Rack)
Recommended number of people 50 ~ 150 persons 150 ~ 2,000 persons More than 2,000 persons

Contact for Inquiry of Electronic FAX

Department Person in Charge Tel. E-MAIL
Business Division Director of Division Kim Young San +82-2-2082-0890